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Ordering Guide

  1. Browse all products on our website. Add all your favorite items to your wishlist!
  2. Your wishlist will be  sent to an EDIA Sales Representative. To confirm your order, please schedule a virtual call with us, chat with us through our social media channels, or visit us in-store at any of your preferred EDIA branches.
  3. When you place an order, you will be sent an email confirmation with your order details.
  4. We accept payments through Bank Deposit, Credit Card on Delivery, and In-store payments 
  5. Our EDIA Sales Team will coordinate the delivery date for your items. Lead time is three to five (3-5) days. Once you receive a call from us, you may also tell us what  your preferred delivery date is. You may also ask to have your items delivered  at a later date, pick them up from our warehouse, or ask to keep your items in storage with us for thirty (30) days.
  6. Upon successful delivery by our delivery team, you will receive a copy of your Sales Invoice, EDIA Furniture Care Guide, and Delivery Receipt.
  1. Bank Deposits
    • When you place your order, you will receive bank deposit information by way of email
    • Payment for pending orders (bank deposits) must be made within two  (2) business days upon order confirmation. Failure to send us back your  payment confirmation may resort to order cancellation. Please email your proof of deposit to info@ediahome.ph
  2. Credit Card on Delivery
    • You may choose to pay via credit card during delivery. Items will not be assembled until the transaction is processed.
    • Delivery fee must be paid in cash on or before the scheduled delivery date.
  3. In-store payments 
    • Check issuance: please allow a three day (3-day) clearing period for check deposits
    • Cash 
    • Credit Card 
  1. Sale price items quoted are for the duration of the current campaign period,and are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Regular price items quoted are subject to stock availability.
  1. To reserve items, the following conditions must be met:
  2. A reservation fee of at least 20% for orders with a value of Php 50,000.00 and below, valid for a non-extendible period of 7 days from the Order Confirmation date of issue.
  3. A reservation fee of at least 50% for orders with a value of more than Php 50,000.00, valid for 30 days from the Order Confirmation  date of issue.
  4. If the customer fails to pay at least 50% of the total cost of item/s  at the end of the above-mentioned validity period, the reservation will be  cancelled. The reservation fee will be converted into store credit,  subject to Head Office approval.
  5. The reservation fee is not  considered as down payment  or earnest money.
  6. Ordered items must be at least 50% paid for in cash,in cleared check, or in credit card. Full payment in cash is required upon delivery.
  1. Online orders may still be cancelled within 24 hours after purchase. Please contact your EDIA Sales Representative or email us atinfo@ediahome.ph. In-store or offline orders may still be cancelled up to two (2) days before delivery, with a maximum of up to two (2) weeks after date of purchase. 
  2. Online orders are non-refundable. Store credit will be issued for cancelled items with a validity up to one (1) year from date of purchase.
  3. Price differences for change orders with lower item value will be converted to store credit. Price differences for change orders with a higher item value may be settled through cash on delivery, credit card on delivery, in-store payment or bank deposit. 
  4. Showroom display items, sale items, or purchased items in storage are non-cancellable and non-refundable. 
  5. Sale of carpets, lamps, and accessories delivered or picked up from the store are considered final. No exchanges and returns allowed for reasons other than product defects.
  6. No cancellation, change of order, or request for refund will be made for orders dated two (2) weeks or more from the date of Order Confirmation. Showroom display items and sale items are considered final. No cancellation, change of order, or request for refunds are allowed.
  7. Failure to accept delivery of ordered items without any defects, or cancellation of ordered items without any defects will mean total forfeiture of the amount paid, by way of penalty.
  8. Any ordered item delivered and installed/assembled on-site, cannot be returned nor replaced.

Shipping & Assembly

  1. After check out,our EDIA Sales Team will coordinate the delivery date for your items. Lead time is three to five (3-5) days for deliveries within Metro Manila, and one to two (1-2) weeks for Greater Manila Area.
  2. You may ask to keep your items in storage with us for thirty (30) days. For storage beyond thirty (30) days, there will be a monthly storage fee equivalent to 3% of the total order value (See our Delivery Guidelines) 
  3. Delivery fees are charged per delivery trip per customer and are non-refundable. 
  4. Change of delivery date two (2) days before schedule will incur a cancellation fee amounting to the same cost of delivery.
  1. Upon check out, you and your Sales Associate may agree on a delivery date. We will adhere to the delivery date as written on the Order Confirmation. Please provide your complete and correct delivery address and contact number so we can ensure smooth coordination.
  2. Should you need to reschedule, changes are allowed at least three (3) days before the scheduled delivery. Request to change the delivery date two (2) days before the schedule will incur a cancellation fee amounting to the same cost of delivery.
  3. An SMS reminder will be sent one (1) day before delivery to make sure that  you will be available to receive your order. Please confirm with us, or let us know if you will not be available so we can promptly reschedule with you.
  4. Delivery time is not fixed  due to changing traffic conditions, varying loads per day, or potentially unexpected situations. Please choose a day where you are free to receive your order at any time, or have a trusted representative that can receive your order on your behalf.
  5. For deliveries with time constraints or special concerns, your EDIA Sales Representative  will continually update you on the delivery progress during the day, and advise you at least one (1) hour before delivery, or when the delivery team is on the way to your location. 
  6. Please present your copy  your ID upon delivery. 
  7. If a representative will be receiving the item for you, please provide an authorization letter, a copy of the authorized representative’s ID, and a copy of your ID..
  8. If you live in a condominium,please prepare the required gate pass and other permits  at least one (1) day before the delivery schedule. We will be happy to provide you the names of the delivery team and plate number of the delivery van upon your request. 
  9. Additional fees and charges made by villages or other regulated areas will be charged under your account. We will be requesting for reimbursement upon presentation of receipt.
  10. If the delivery site is located beyond  the 4th floor/storey, please make sure  that there is a freight or service elevator available where  furniture items can be accommodated. Otherwise, additional handling charges may be incurred, subject to the approval of the Head Office. 
  11. The delivery team is instructed to wait for no longer than 20 minutes before aborting delivery. We hope for your understanding as we try to avoid any additional delays for succeeding deliveries. Missed deliveries are subject to rescheduling fees amounting to the same cost of delivery. 
  12. Our delivery teams are experienced, and are always happy to handle assembly and arrangement  of your EDIA pieces in their specific locations. Please make sure they have sufficient space to assemble, away from fragile and breakable items.. Our team will not be held responsible for any damages caused to your home during assembly.
  13. Please make sure that all entryways are wide enough to accommodate the size of your EDIA pieces. While most of our items will come flat packed and ready to assemble, large sofas and other  items may not easily fit through. Our delivery crew has the right to refuse moving items through if they deem entryways too small, as this may cause damage.
  14. We do not conduct pre-inspection of items (unless otherwise requested).Please take the time to inspect your newly-assembled piece to ensure that you receive them in good order and condition. Our delivery team will do the same, and will document each item delivered.
  15. Requests for item replacement due to cosmetic damage found after delivery will be subject to investigation and strict discretion of our management.
  1. Assembly is FREE for purchases delivered by our EDIA Team during your delivery date
  2. Items for pick up may be assembled upon request. Requests must be made at least two (2) days prior to the date of pick up. 
  3. Assembly is not included for deliveries by way of third party couriers or freight forwarding
  4. For Metro Manila orders, you may request for assembly on a later date. A standard fee of 450php will be applied for assembly requests passed delivery dates. 
  1. We will require your copy of the Order Confirmation and Sales Invoice (SI) for pick-up items in-store or from the warehouse.
  2. If a representative will pick up the items on your behalf, please have them bring an authorization letter along with a copy of your ID and their ID. A company ID is required if this is a corporate account.
  3. We will be happy to pre-assemble your items for as long as they are fully paid before the pick up date. Please send in your request at least one (1) day before pick up.
  4. We require pre-inspection for pick up items to make sure there are no issues. . Please take the time to carefully inspect your order, whether assembled or boxed, to make sure  that you receive them in good order and condition. Our warehouse team will do the same, and will document each item issued.
  5. Should you decline pre-inspection, we will ask you to sign a waiver against any claims for defects found after the item has been picked up and released. 
  6. Requests for item replacement due to cosmetic damage found after releasing of picked up items will be subject to investigation and strict discretion of our management.
  7. For pickup request in EDIA stores, items not picked up after five (5) days from the agreed date are subject to handling charges and will be returned to the warehouse. Please coordinate with your EDIA Sales Representative should you wish to have it delivered to your home, subject to delivery fee.

Warehouse storage beyond thirty (30) days of Order Confirmation will incur a monthly storage fee equivalent to 3% per month of the total order value. 

    Provincial Customers

    1. We deliver within selected areas in Luzon. We require full payment before delivery/ies outside Metro Manila.
    2. Contact us at info@ediahome.ph for our full list of delivery rates 
    1. All items for delivery have free assembly within Metro Manila.
    2. Assembly is not included for provincial orders or deliveries by way of third party couriers. 
    3. Items for pick up may be assembled upon request. Requests must be made at least two (2) days prior to the date of pick up. 

    Returns & Exchange

    1. We provide a 7-day return policy.
    2. Items must be shipped back to us. Credit memos are issued once the item is received and cleared by our Quality Control Team.
    3. Initial delivery charge is non-refundable and non-convertible to store credit. A restocking fee of 20% or Php 1,000 (whichever is higher) will be charged for returned items.
    4. We have the right to refuse an item for return or replacement if it has been evaluated by Quality Control and said items went through abuse and/or misuse. 
    5. Should you wish that your item for return or replacement be picked up, we charge a handling fee of php 1,000. 
    1. Items must be in original box/packaging
    2. Unused condition
    3. Unassembled and unmodified
    4. Should come with the original documents: BIR Registered Sales Invoice (SI), Collection Receipt (CR) and Delivery Receipt (DR) for proper cancellation of documents 

    Items that cannot be returned:

    1. Showroom display items 
    2. Clearance/Sale items
    3. Items marked as non-returnable, non-cancellable 
    1. Contact your EDIA Sales Team or email us atinfo@ediahome.ph with a reason for your return
    2. Prepare your original Order Confirmation. An Order number is required.  An EDIA Sales Representative will communicate and may further require documents and other details.
    1. During delivery, we require you or your  representative to inspect the items. Any functional damage or factory defects must be noted down on the company’s copy of delivery receipt. 
    2. A signature on the delivery receipt is considered as an acknowledgement that items have been received in good order and condition 
    3. Our delivery team is required to document the item’s condition during delivery. 
    4. If there are damaged items upon delivery, we will immediately replace the damaged parts, or replace your item with a new one. 
    5. Damages found due to customer misuse of items are not covered by warranty and returns. Warranty does not cover wear and tear. 
    6. Change of mind does not entitle the customer to refund or exchange
    7. Cosmetic damages found after delivery will be subject to investigation and discretion of management. 
    8. Damages occurring from mishandling or misuse may not be repaired or replaced, and will be subject to investigation and strict discretion of our supplier, principals and management. 

    Warranty & Servicing

    1. Product check up is free within the first year of purchase for Metro Manila clients.
    2. Contact your EDIA Sales Representativeto schedule a product check up.
    3. Items after one (1) year of purchase is subject to an inspection fee. 
    1. We make efforts to make sure that all items delivered are brand new and assembled on the date of delivery.
    2. We are a retailer and not a manufacturer for the products sold on this site. We are not liable for any outcome resulting from the use or misuse of the product bought from our site. 
    3. For more information on our product quality, please read through our product description pages.
    4. All products sold at this site adheres to our supplier’s product warranty policies. 
    5. Item damages are subject to inspection and reporting to our suppliers.
    6. The following instances are NOT considered damaged or defective: 
        • - Natural wooden materials have wood grains that may vary from product to product. As these materials are organic, there will be natural imperfections such as “eye” marks, or variations in wood color.
        • - Bent metal objects such as bookcase frames or metal legs may have small variations such as wrinkled paint marks, or minor paint build up.
        • - Uneven floors may cause misalignments in panel items and chairs. A product check up is required to evaluate such cases.
        • - Painted steel, varnished wood, or laminates may have unavoidable marks or tiny portions of imperfection that is characteristic to workmanship. Such imperfections may be tolerable based on supplier’s quality control measures. 
    7. Considered as damaged or defective:
      • - Deep cracks and chip offs for wood-based products, not resulting from misuse 
      • - Defective mechanism not resulting from misuse
      • - Deep dents, tears, rust build up on fabric and metal items 

    The foregoing terms and conditions shall be construed,  interpreted  and governed by  Philippine  laws.  Each party irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Cities of Pasig and San Juan, to the exclusion of other courts for the purpose of enforcing any right or obligation under or arising out of any agreement or contracts.