Curated Looks

Our Curated Looks

Let's make it easy. For the style confident and clever shopper, we've curated styles that match this season's current trends. Go ahead, steal the style! Own it, and make it you.

Did you know our showrooms are styled by look, too? Visit us, sit and lounge around, and discover more looks that feel like home. 

Cheerful Retro

If you're a fan of bright hues or want to keep a cheerful mood, you can color your space with petrol and pink. Great for a home that's casual and easy.

Cool & Refined

Refine your space with elegant and contemporary silhouettes, glossy and velvet textures. This look focuses on a more serious yet relaxed atmosphere

Trendy Terracotta

Go for a style that’s bold and unexpected when you combine the warmth of terracotta and wood with cool metallic elements