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What is FSC-certified wood?

The importance of sustainability and responsible sourcing has become more prevalent in recent years, and one organization leading the charge is the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). With FSC-certified wood, FSC promotes responsible management of the world's forests, ensuring that they are managed in a way that preserves biodiversity and benefits local communities while remaining economically viable.

Why use FSC-certified wood?

FSC aims to combat the loss of biodiversity through a balance extraction of forest-made products. Protection of natural forest areas, and fauna, fighting illegal logging, and supporting the implementation of reforestation and forest restoration programs are a few of the goals of FSC. In choosing FSC-certified wood for our furniture pieces, we are helping these advocacies in our own little way.


Sustainable Journey

Our commitment to building a sustainable business means curating pieces from suppliers with the same interest and values. FSC sets higher standards than any other wood certification program in the world. Having a reliable partner around the globe who chooses to use sustainable materials like FSC-certified wood, we can limit deforestation and be responsible stewards of our limited resources.




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